How to Write a Blog That Promotes You on the Web

Blog writing is done when you want to speak your mind. If you want that readers should read your blog and give comments to what you are writing then you need to follow some simple guidelines.

Research first: Know your readers. Try to learn more and more about your audience. Discover what they are reading and want to read. If you are writing a blog on a specific topic then make a Google search on that topic and see what other sites are offering about that topic. The blog with maximum number of comments means that blog is very much popular.

Simplicity is the key: The blog audience reading your blogs will be from various backgrounds with different education level so the blog which you write should be written in very simple language. In this way you will have no difficulty in delivering your message and your readers will wait for your next entry.

A catchy title will do wonders: Title creates the first impression on the reader so the blog writer should devote considerable time in choosing the title. Some people like to write the content and then give it a relevant title. However it entirely depends upon you!

The Opening Line – As morning tells the day so the opening line of your blog will tell everything about your blog. It will tell the reader how much depth your blog has.

Check for errors: Before publishing your post always make a stringent check whether your post is free from small mistakes. It is necessary to fix the errors well in time to make it look good, accurate and catchy.

Ask readers to comment: Putting a line asking the readers to comment will not make any harm. This makes a deeper connection of your blog with your readers.

4 Blogging Ideas You Can Start Writing on and Make Your Way to the Top

Having a blog Idea or a story to share online is a good food for thought but what area of blogging are you most passionate about, apart from the every day Make money online blogs a lot has not happened in blogosphere republic, but lets look at 4 key Niche areas one can blog on

1. Sports Blog

This is one area many people fail to blog about imagine you just posting updates on the Football league in Europe what impact and traffic you would be creating here giving fans of various football clubs updates about their clubs and the controversies surrounding them, this is one area you are sure of making big spendings and advertisers and even football clubs coming to appreciate you. You would definitely survive in this market, not only in the areas of football, hockey, golf, basketball but to mention a few, great stories to write on here.

2. Health Blog

Health they say is wealth and its for this reason a lot of people look for information about various health topics, now imagine providing a blog on issues bothering breast cancer, a great traffic is sure to visit your site, you can blog on various topics and issues as regards health, name it diabetes, stroke, cancer and maybe having a blog on quite smoking.

3. Wedding Blogs

The wedding industry is the biggest event in every woman’s life and having a blog that will teach people on how best to have a suitable wedding will be seen as a beautiful task, creating a blog for the wedding industry will be an avenue to teach the world about planning a successful wedding.

4. Make Money Blogs

Make money blogs can come in different forms you can decide to have a blog site on the forex market, or a blog on the traditional blog site themes about making money online, you can also decide to have a political blog since the season of politics is an issue a lot of world leaders bring about .

Blogging is all about writing something that interests you, hope this counts.